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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Tablescape, Baking Day and a Clothesline

Today was such a gorgeous day I decided to wash some of my vintage linens. I have a regular routine of washing all my vintage quilts, lace and linens in early Spring and always air dry. They smell so wonderful and the sunlight makes the colors so bright and gorgeous. Most of my tablecloths I pick up at Garage Sales or Church Rummage Sales for $2-$10 each.


Below is my typical dinner tablescape with my every day china. We always eat in my kitchen unless it's a special occasion or we have guests. I just love my every day china. It's Bennington Stoneware but when I bought I did not know anything about Bennington Pottery. I bought it at TJMaxx and a dinner plate was $2.29!! I bought 8 place settings for myself and 8 place settings, including bowls and butter plates, for my housekeeper as a Christmas present. I also picked up a few serving pieces and the total for everything was around $150. Dawn was thrilled beyond thrilled with the dishes and her children were so excited! I love my stoneware as much today as when I bought it. And now knowing the cost of Bennington Pottery, I wish I'd of bought more!


I'm a baker. I bake almost every day and some days I just bake all day long. When I designed my new kitchen it was with baking in mind. Below are a few pictures of my kitchen on particularly heavy baking days. Note you can always see a latte sitting somewhere within my reach!

Now this is how my island is supposed to look, very neat and clean. The large cutting board is from my MIL and it was 1 thing she brought to America when they immigrated in 1947.


The below pictures are of my working island. As you can see from the photos, I multi-task and usually have several baking projects going at once. The large blue/white mixing bowl is Spode, a $49 Ebay purchase on a particularly bad day during our construction project. It definitely lifted my spirits! I always have at least 1 cake stand containing cupcakes, brownies, cookies or whatever on my island. I've noticed that when people enter my kitchen they immediately look around for something handy to eat, so I just make it easy.


Bake Day


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Lynda said...

What a great kitchen. I'd love to cook in a kitchen like that. Thanks for sharing.