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Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's the little things..........

Some people think the architecture is what defines a house and although that may be true it's the little things that make a house a home. And it's the little things that reflect the personality of the owners.

Being I had changed my kitchen hardware in a past home, I knew what a dramatic effect hardware had on any room. The kitchen in our last home had tons of cabinets but the hardware was a simple, brushed stainless steel knob which is fine but in a country kitchen....puleese! I bought 72 round, wooden knobs for $.59 each, stained each knob and gave them all a hand-rubbed finish and YES, it took me hours. But when I finally removed all the stainless steel knobs and installed the wooden knobs...OH MY what a difference it made! And the money involved was minimal for such a dramatic change!

For the interior door hardware in my new home I knew exactly what I wanted before we even began the project. The problem was not in making a decision, it was in finding the hardware! I know I'm picky. I know sometimes I'm hard to please. I know I want what I want and, at times, no substitution will be accepted. And so it was with my interior door hardware!

When I was young some dear family friends had an older home with crystal doorknobs. I remember thinking they were the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. And I remember thinking they were diamonds...big diamonds! I have carried this memory with me my entire life and this is what I wanted for the second floor. The glass doorknobs were not difficult to find at all.


For the main floor I wanted a plain, round doorknob like the kind my Great Grandma had in her house in Detroit and the rosette had to have four exposed screw heads. This is how I remembered my Grandma's doorknobs and that is what I wanted! Who knew that such a simple thing like a doorknob could be such a problem!! I searched online for months and never did find what I wanted.

Fortunately, I walked into our local Contract Builders Hardware, which is about 15 minutes from my home, and as soon as I walked in the door I saw it! There it was, the perfect doorknob! I was so excited! And when I was told it would take six months to receive my order from England, I did not care! I found it..I FOUND IT and it was perfect!


Glass Knobs; The technology for pressing melted or molten glass into molds was developed in 1826. Glass knobs were made then, but they did not become popular until after 1917 when the United States joined World War I. Metals that had been previously used for doorknobs, such as iron, brass and bronze, were needed to manufacture airplanes and other necessities for the war.

By 1920, doorknobs made from crystal and cut glass were widely manufactured and sold. Glass doorknobs remained popular until Americans' preferences reverted back to metals in the 1950s.

The second floor doorknobs for all the bedrooms and the master suite are clear cut glass knobs. For the children's bedrooms and the guest room I thought it would be fun to install colored cut glass knobs on the walk-in closet doors.

The amber glass knob is my favorite! So that I could see this gorgeous knob every day I installed it in my office as well.

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I guess the moral of this post is, if you would like to give an area in your home some extra pizzazz it really could be as simple as changing a doorknob! ;)

Thank you so much for visiting Spend-A-Buck Farm! I sincerely apologize for the quality of these photos. The knobs are so much prettier then I could capture in the photos.

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Frugal Fine Living said...

These are beautiful, and I totally agree! Changing out hardware can make a huge difference.


DesignTies said...

The glass door knobs are beautiful. I especially like the purple one :-)

I was just debating last night about replacing the brushed metal knobs on our ensuite vanity with glass ones... I think I just might go ahead and do it :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Mrs. C said...

I remember glass door knobs from when I was a little girl. I'm glad you found them. Those little changes make such a difference.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

The glass knobs are glorious!


Sharlotte said...

I love your door knobs ~ both sets! I haven't even thought of changing out knobs. I'm going to look into that idea! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Love glass door knobs! these are great!

pk said...

How fun! I agree that sometimes it's just the simplest things that can make a huge difference.

Sarah Robbins said...

So cute! I love a little bling!

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Beautiful! The colors are so deep and vibrant.

I have a giveaway too that I'd love for you to check out!

Kammy said...

Very Cool ! I have never seen doorknobs like that !

Shelia said...

Love these glass knobs! They're jewelry for the door!
Be a sweetie and thanks for popping in to see me,
Shelia :)

Britt said...

I love those pretty glass knobs! Beautiful!

Terry said...

Door jewelry. They sparkle. We changed to amber colored glass pulls in our kitchen. It's good.

Tammy of Yarborough House said...

I too like glass knobs. It is like you say the small things make the big picture grand. Just like jewelry on a woman.

I have aquired a lot of glass doorknob sets and they are slowly being installed on all the doors in the house. I understand about waiting till you get exactly what you want. Our house is a 1929 and I wanted a new - old door for the front of the house. Ours was done - too many lock holes cut into it. I waited and searched till I found the perfect one off of another house the same year as ours. Perfection is worth the wait.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Those are pretty. I started to look at some new cabinet hardware yesterday, but got sidetracked. I can see why you chose the amber one.

One Shabby Old House said...

What a lovely home you have. I can see that you have made some very wise choices...beautiful choices with it.
I have always love pretty door hardware. I have some waiting to go on all the old doors at the Shabby old House.
Come visit

Charlene said...

Michelle, I am so glad you stopped by to see the post on my friends cute little trailer. AND I LOVE your post on the knobs. I have always loved those. I agree... it makes such a huge difference in a house.

Martha said...

They are truly beautiful. We live in a 1920's home and all of our doorknobs are original -- from milk glass to glass to brass. I love them all!

Cheryl B. said...

Michelle, I too always thought that glass door knobs looked like oversized diamonds ;-} "Details" make the difference in everything!!! Whether it's decorating or cooking.
I thought you might find this amusing - I had sent a friend to your site, explaining how I had started drooling while the picture of your house was still downloading, and reccommended that she go back looking through all of the pictures you've posted. This is the response she sent me - "Well, it's so thoughtful of someone to spend all that money and fix up a house just the way you like it! Clearly you will be moving in shortly. ;)"

Alicia said...

Those glass knobs are beautiful. It's the small details in life like glass knobs that bring the most joy in our average day.