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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday -- My Trees

In 2000 when we were searching for property as soon as we drove up the driveway I knew this was going to be my home. Not because the house was anything special, but because of the gorgeous ancient Oaks.

I love my Oaks!

As you drive up our driveway one of the first things you see is our wonderful grove of White Oaks!! Aren't they gorgeous! My arborist said they were close to 300 years old. Can be imagine what things these trees have experienced, lightning storms, winter blizzards and maybe even some Native American families living near by!

The small oaks on the closest side of the drive are my baby Burr Oaks that I grew from acorns. Aren't they cute and they are doing so well!



And look at the gorgeous shape on this Burr Oak, just so special and perfect!


Burr Oaks grow on the edges of prairie and are a natural fire stop between the prairie fires and the wooded areas. The bark on a Burr Oak can be as much as 3 inches thick and practically fireproof.

This is a small grove of White and Austrian Pines that I planted as a wind stop in our far west pasture. Our west pasture was almost intolerable because of the summer heat and it's amazing how much cooler it is now. The pines were small twigs when I planted them eight years ago and now some are over ten foot tall!


This is my favorite Oak on our property and it's right outside our back door. Isn't it magnificent!


And here's another gorgeous Burr Oak that shades our west entrance to our horse barn. It's a little vulnerable to wind so is slightly bent, but still so beautiful!


Thank you so much for visiting Spend-A-Buck Farm and I hope you enjoyed seeing my trees as much as I enjoy living with them.

Outdoor Wednesday is hosted by Susan of A Southern Daydreamer, please visit Susan's site to see more wonderful Outdoor Wednesday adventures.

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Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Beautiful trees. I love a stately oak. Thanks for sharing.

Hootin' Anni said...

This couldn't be more perfect for the day!!!

My O W is posted's a continuation [and last entry for the week] of our tour of the Botanical Gardens.

Love Bears All Things said...

What a beautiful place you have. I like trees too and always looked for a home with trees. I'd never buy one without.
Pines do grow quickly.
Mama Bear

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Your Oaks are stunning.

Trees are one of my all time favorite subject to photograph... they seldom give me any grief :)

Stop by if you get a minute -- would love to have you.

TTFN~~~Claudia ♥ ♥

Lori E said...

I have no oak trees near me. Too bad because they sure are beautiful. I bet those leaves make a really good compost for the garden.

Mary said...

What gorgeous trees! You have a lovely property and your photos of it are wonderful. I hope you are having a great day.

Brenda said...

I just love oak trees! I have some myself over on the west side of my house. They have the loveliest and most intricately shaped leaves. All such beauties! Your property is gorgeous!

Kathleen said...

Michelle, your farm looks great...I think you have to rename it though..Spend _____ Bucks Farm..
We have oaks, but not that kind...lots of acorns all over the place!

Alicia said...

Those Oaks are truly beautiful. I love trees. I only have one in the backyard but I've always wanted a weeping willow in the front.

But, those oaks are so beautiful maybe I might rethink the whole weeping willow thing. :=)

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

"I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree."



Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

WOW !!! and double WOW!!! This is just incredibly beautiful. I can certainly see why you fell in love with the property. Your home is beautiful as well.. Thanks for swinging by to say hello. I hope you stop again...hugs ~lynne~

Cheryl B. said...

Your trees make your property!! I always shrudder when I drive by developments or newly built homes that have none to a very few teeany trees. Somehow, trees definetly add to the "homey" feeling.
I grew up on BurrOak street ;-}
When we moved into this house, there were four wonderful oak trees along the west side between the house and the alley. We lost the back two at different times and man did that make a difference in controling the temps inside this house!!! And now the front two are almost gone. So-o-o sad!!! I seriously question if the way the city has been grating the alley over the years and taking a half inch at a time off of our hill is a big part of the problem - affects the trees roots and all. We now have a good sized crop of young trees to transplant this fall and place along the west side of the house. However, it'll be at least anouther ten years before they can begin to really start providing shade and protection to the house :-{
Thanks for sharing your beautiful setting.
If your interested in more "theme days" to participate in, check out the list today on my blog -

Stacey said...

Michelle, your trees are magnificent. I can really get an idea of the size looking at them next to the house and barn. Makes the house look small! That's a huge tree. My husband and I always love to imagine what trees have witnessed.

It's awesome. :)