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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday -- The His of the His/Her Bathrooms!

Last week for Metamorphosis Monday I showed you my bathroom. We have his/her bathrooms and we do share a walk-in shower. So this week I'd like to show you the other half of the bathroom(s).

Designing my husband's bathroom was not difficult but choosing the colors was not easy and not very much fun.

Mr. Tastebud's is very simple with his decorating needs and plain white sink was the only thing he told me he wanted in his bathroom. So I had to go to other sources for inspiration.

This is my husband's closet. Anyone see any color here? Looks like shades of gray, speckles of light blue with white to me. BORING.

His car is taupe, in fact since we've been married all this cars have been shades of taupe. BORING!


Armed with gray, taupe, wood tones and plain white sink, this is what I did for Mr. Tastebud's bathroom. I choose gray and taupe ceramic tile and had it installed on the diagonal to give it some personality. Also picked a gorgeous dark cherry vanity with a granite top, again shades of gray but with a slight shimmer of silver here and there. And of course, the plain white sink!




I love the vanity! The wood is such a rich, dark cherry and I really do like this granite, although I'm not a granite person! And I love the rug I found. It's not as red as the picture shows, it's really more of a rust with muted taupe tones.

As I explained last week, I had a vintage stained glass window put in the common wall separating our bathrooms. Here's the view from his side.


And two reproduction hat hooks for towels that I found at the flea market $4 each.


And like my bathroom I choose an obscured, beveled glass door to allow more natural light into the bathroom. I love this door!


This is our shared walk-in shower which is all tiled. Since the shower is large, I wanted to do something with the tile and found this wonderful tile mosaic on Ebay. I needed it a specific size which was not a problem for the vendor and believe it or not I had it in my hands within 4 days after ordering and it came from Lebanon!



Now for my flea market finds....

I am unbelievably short on serving utensils and the last month I've found some beauties $1-4 each. I just polished them today and they cleaned up so pretty.


I don't need teaspoons but with the wonderful design both front and back and the gold washed bowl was so gorgeous I just could not pass them up, 10 for $14. The mark is odd 410MMET 43P70K. Any one know what it means? Vendor could not find anything close to it? Possibly Russian?



Metamorphosis Monday is hosted by Susan of Between Naps on the Porch. Please visit Susan's site and you'll find some fabulous ideas freely shared by many gracious and highly creative people.

Halloween is coming.............

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Deanna said...

Hi there from Kansas.
You did such a nice job on this bathroom. It's beautiful with character. Really like it.

Your fancy spoons are lovely. It is great fun to find these because they are so unique. A pleasure to use and display. You were blessed with great prices.

Enjoyed your post,

JobandBrittany said...

that bathroom is beautiful!!!
i host a Goodwill party every Wednesday. stop by and join in!!

Terry said...

I'll give it my official "guy" seal of approval. It's a man bathroom. Glad you didn't give him a girly colored sink.

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the BIG closet!!! I would love to have my own closet!

Let it Shine said...

WOW. That mosaic is stunning!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Glorious closet-it is a dream.
I hope you will come by for a visit as well. I have a fun party on Mondays and another on Wed that just started up.

Its So Very Cheri

Its So Very Cheri said...

I signed up to follow you and I hope you will come back and do the same.


Cheryl B. said...

I agree that the vanity is classy and beautiful!! Definetly!! But I also agree with you that while the wood part of the walls and the vanity are beautiful, the room could use some color ;-}Perhaps in a picture on the wall? Or colored towels? Then again, like you said, it's HIS bathroom.

Those serving pieces you picked up are wonderful!!! Where did you nab them at? Also, what silver polish do you use, or what other 'stuff' do you use? The silver polish we liked is no longer being made :-(

Michelle said...

Cheryl, We just finished our 3 yr remodeling project and I've not had time to put up all our artwork yet. Hopefully, this winter, I will get to hanging some in J's bathroom!

The silver polish I use is Simichrome Polish that I bought YEARS ago. I still have half a tube left but probably should be looking for more. It's excellent!

Julie said...

Love the did a wonderful job

{ L } said...

OMGoodness! You have beautiful bathrooms and closet, lol (even without the color) ;) Those countertops and hardware are a gorgeous combo.