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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Writer's Challenge -- A Christmas Carol

What is one of the nicest things someone has done for you?

I've had many thoughtful people do wonderful, sweet gestures in my life. But one moment meant a great deal to me and it really was not life altering nor spectacular.

About 30 yrs ago, well before I was married, I was going to college and waitressing at night. Since I was putting myself through school every dime was important and I could not spare much for entertainment.

I had waitressed for a while and had many regular customers. One night our weekend cashier, Carol, stopped in the restaurant and asked if it was okay if she and the Activity Director and a few other members from her church had a short meeting at one of my tables. Of course that was fine with me and they ordered coffee and dessert and got down to their meeting. Carol was unaware that the Church Activity Director was one of my regular customers and I used to wait on him and his family every Sunday morning for breakfast!

I could not help but overhear them talking about their Church Caroling Party. Well, I love Christmas Caroling! Believe me I'm not that much of a singer but caroling with a group of people in the crisp Michigan winter air is just something that appeals to me deep within my heart. I love it!

As I was refreshing their coffee I mentioned how much I loved Christmas Caroling and Carol said "Why not join us?" They were planning a Thursday Night Caroling Party and I worked every Thursday and being money was so tight I could not dare take a night off. But no sooner then I said "I have to work on Thursdays", Carol suggested changing the Party to Wednesday instead! I could not believe that the phrase "No problem with me" was heard around the table. I was so excited about the Caroling Party that I even wore a vintage wool, plaid scarf and cap to add a bit of nostaglia to the evening!

It was an absolutely perfect night for caroling, crisp and cold with a gorgeous clear sky and there was a light snow falling. And to top of the wonderful evening, I was invited over to the Reverend's home for Hot Chocolate. When I arrived at the Reverend's home, to my surprise the Hot Chocolate Party actually was an entire dinner buffet beautifully laid out with wonderful Christmas decorations everywhere and blazing fire in the fireplace! It was one of those wonderful evenings that I will never forget and one that I did not want to end!

Amazing what a difference a day makes! :)

The Writer's Challenge, What is one of the nicest things someone has done for you, is hosted by dear, sweet Lori of Family Tree May Contain Nuts. Please visit Family Tree May Contain Nuts to read some more interesting, fun, sincere life stories.

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Lori E said...

I love how it doesn't have to be a life shattering/changing moment to be one that resonates with us through our lives.
When this change was made no thought was given to the fact that many years later one person would remember the act of kindness and think enough of it to re-tell the story. It cost this person nothing but it meant a lot to you.
I bet your have done the same for others.
Thanks for sharing your story. Big or small they all make a difference.

Shelia said...

Oh, Michelle, what a wonderful sweet story! Isn't is something how God works through His people to be a blessing to us! Our little church is going caroling this year and I know I'll think of your story.
Thanks for the visit to my blog.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

nannykim said...

Wow what a wonderful heart warming story!! I love how God gives us such surprises and how often we miss them because our eyes are not open!!

Deanna said...

Lovely story you have shared!
How wonderful to be treated in such a delightful way.
These are the kid of surprises that we all need!!!
God bless,

Kammy said...

How wonderful - people really are nice :o)

Sandy said...

Gos continues to work his grace in so many wonderfulw ays, doesn't he?????

Blondie's Journal said...

Every liitle form of graciousness resonates and sometimes people never forget that one tiny gesture that meant millions. I think you are so special to remember that night so long ago and I hope you have had many more opportunities to go caroling!! :-)


hummer said...

Thanks for sharing your story of someone being so kind in public. So many times, people are condescending to those that serve them. I am glad you had such a lovely life experience. I love horticulture too, thank you for coming by my blog and commenting.

Lynn said...

What a sweet story! It sounds like a small town, homey type story!

mbkatc230 said...

I just love this story! It just shows that you need not do a huge, expensive, outrageous thing to make someone's day better. What a truly beautiful way to show the true Christmas spirit! And I bet they never imagined what a huge impact this memory would have for you. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

Joyce said...

Memories to put to paper are the best:)