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Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Daybook


It's early Saturday morning.

Outside my is the beginning of a gorgeous cool late November day. The woodpeckers are very busy at the suet feeder and I can hear my dogs barking at the deer in the forest preserve

I am quickly this year has zipped past and I've enjoyed it so much. This summer was the first summer I've been able to relax on our new porch and I took full advantage of it. And I became quite lazy with sleeping in and taking my time getting ready for the day. But now with Christmas looming large, I need to start making my ToDo List so I don't forget anything.

I am thankful friends and family and wish I had been able to spend Thanksgiving with them this year. But with the distance between our homes and other events it was just not possible.

From the kitchen...I have my ingredients for 3 batches of cookies all lined up and ready to go. I joined a new blog event 12 Days of Christmas Cookies. Yes, it means I will be posting 12 recipes complete with pictures of my finished cookies for 12 consecutive days. I know it sounds like a lot of cookies and it is, but I will be taking most the cookies to our local police and fire stations and I will enjoy it being cooking baking is one of my favorite things to do.

I am soft and very comfortable red flannel PJs

I am creating...a my Christmas List for my husband, complete with photos. He likes me to make it as easy as possible. ;)

I am made with raw sugar

I am snows soon so I can start my winter hibernation. I've always enjoyed winter and reserved that time for catching up on my reading. But now I've added to my list which now includes things to keep my home organized like cleaning out closets and drawers.

I am start Christmas shopping this week and try to complete it early

I am hearing...just the tap of my fingers on the keyboard

Around the house...the coffee smells wonderful

One of my favorite things...quiet, productive days

A few plans for the rest of the week...order feed, clean basement, catch up laundry, call my niece, start plans for Christmas and New Years dinners

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...My beautiful Layla


Adapted from A Simple Woman's Daybook.

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Cheryl B. said...

Isin't it almost oxymoronish how a calm start to a day can be invigorating? But it sure works wonders on our inner selfs!

Brian took me with him to pick out my Christmas gift this past Friday. I thought we were just taking my old machine in to a different place to get a second opinion of it's fixability. They agreed it wasn't worth fixing.

The sales guy wanted to show me a couple of machines and I thought the least I could do is be polite and oblige him. Then Brian stated that I had x amount to spend on one. My jaw hit my lap. I was totally just day dreaming!!! Figured I'd not be getting a new one for quite some time and end up making the grand babies stocking by hand ....

We get to pick it up on Monday ... oh the projects I have in mind ... do ya think it'll be able to keep me out of trouble? o:-D