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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project 365 - Week 2







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susan said...

Love the picture of the tree from a bottom vantage point! What is that in the jar?? Love your new project!

Deanna said...

Great PICS!
Have a sweet week-end,

Kat said...

I too want to know whats in the jar. Great photos.

Michelle said...

Oops, I probably should label the first photo.

I was preparing green olives for brining. You crack the olive, cover with water, careful to keep them submerged and change the water daily for 10 days.

To keep the olives submerged I filled a plastic bag with water as the weight.

mrs. c said...

I knew what the olives were but I want to know about the batter because it looks rich and buttery. I can tell if I am going to like cookies or cakes by the way the uncooked batter or dough looks, how about you?

Cheryl B. said...

your first posted picture of the black cat, in it's wider form which showed up in my email notification, should be framed and hung at Halloween time!! :-D

the batter definetly looks as though it's offering itself to be taste tested!!! "It's finger dipping time" {Different finger each time of course o;-p)

And the blue bowl the dough is being mixed in, is intriging ....

The rice dish almost looks to pretty to eat! Definetly colorful culinary!

Good job this week Michelle!! :-D

Michelle said...

You guys are going to laugh but the batter in the blue bowl is actually Jacque Pepin's 20-minute Bread. I've been trying to make this recipe for a while now and I've almost perfected it but not quite.

See I told you that you laugh!

CMC said...

ha ha... your black cat looks like Mr. Greenie here on our place only ours has grass green eyes.

The Muse said...

your visions have astounded us once's beauty is at every turn, is it not?

LOL...sorry about the bread dough/batter...

perhaps you have visited Mystery Meatloaf once too often :) lol