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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project 365 - Week 5

Crab Claws


Chocolate-covered Orange Peel


Yellow Sweet Peppers


Homemade Linguine with Red Sauce




Dr. Pepper


Yucky Phone Cord in our Barn


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susan said...

You make the extraordinary (lst pic) and the ordinary (last one) look like art!

mrs. c said...

Your photos are amazing!!!! Share with me, what camera do you use? have you had formal training (sure looks like it)??? what lens do you use??? Do you use photo shop??? i just want to get better and when I see you photos, they are like the ones I want to do!

Kat said...

Great photos. Love the phone cord one. In the future one will wonder what the heck that is, haha.

Cheryl B. said...

Okay Michelle, you really must include words along side of your pictures. Why? Because other wise, there just might be people whom have troubles correctly labeling a picture ... such as picture number two. I am quite certain, knowing you, that it is something wonderful to eat. However .... it possiblely could be interupted as something from one of your dogs .... o;-p
(Honest - I do NOT mean to insult you!!!!! !!!!! !!!!)

I liked last weeks picture of the red peppers better than this weeks yellow ones. hum mmmm

While I am totally uncertain what picture #4 is of, However I do know that I hope you have already shipped me my sample of it!!! o;-p

Your math page - are you figuring out how many cookies to bake?

The phone cord - I like Kat's comment about how soon people won't even reconize it. I still use that style in the kitchen - ever so much easier to hold under your chin!!!
For what it's worth - I use wet wipes on ours - occasionally - when I can not take it's condition any longer!

How are you feeling now?

Michelle said...

Mrs. C.,

All these photos were taken with a Point and Shoot Camera, a Canon Powershot SX200 IS. I use my Point and Shoot Camera quite a bit for my food photography. I have not quite mastered my more expensive Nikon D40 yet.

But really your lighting is more important then the camera. If you have good lighting, you will have no problem getting a good photo. You might want to look into buying 2 soft box continuous lights on 6' poles. They are light weight and you can move them around easily, for low light interior shots.

Don't use your flash. Some P&S cameras you can not control the flash so I just hold down the pop up flash.

Also some P&S cameras have a macro mode which is what I use.

The Muse said...

all barn phones are icky! lol i gave up and just wipe it when i see it...brave soul you are...i would never take a is wonderful :)

i tweeted this post...i mean, crab claws? how could i not!

thank you for the note about lost comments...yes blogger is a fickle lady :)

that is whay i divided up my work between blogger and wordpress. (prose) (just for fun) (design) (word games)

i was thrilled to have you visit me ! and glad my mid morning allowed me to come and visit you!