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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Project 365 - Week 7

Vintage, painted cast iron bowl of apples:


Weathered, decorative gate post:


Rusty Nail:




Spring buds:





Peeling paint on our west pasture gate:


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Brian + Cheryl B. said...

hi Michelle :-}
At first, the gate post looks like some type of really old globe. But then in the middle of the bottom of it, it looks like there was once a form of an angel ....

Have you ever made wreaths out of pine cones? A very messy project, but the end result can be oh so beautiful and last for many years!!!

Your first shot of the spring bulbs looks like two intertwined hands on a stalk.

The picture of the Daffodil made me smile, remembering ... one day this past week, a friend picked me up and had me accompany her to yet another friends home. The 'other' friends are master gardeners. We were going so that she could cut some daffodil's for a baby shower the next evening. When we got there, we learned that they had over eight varieties of daffodil's growing, one of which was minitures. So-o cute! But we had no idea there were that many varieties.
She cut flowers and I sat on rocks (they also have an enormous large size rock collection, which like all of their plants, are labeled as to what type of rock they are, etc.) and we enjoyed the sunshine and one anothers company!

I bet that once upon a time, the peeling paint on the west pasture gate was red. What's left of it looks pinkish. It also looks like you probably have a project ahead of you.

Hope today holds some special smiles for you my friend!